Update: A Way to Connect

Following me on Twitter @JamesWood_JWT is the best way to get timely updates from me at this point.

I have never been a big fan or user of social media. But I want you to be able to get timely and fresh updates from me, especially in this chaotic time of pandemic/panic.

We need good digital technology that allows us to connect without spreading coronavirus.

And since I am a writer and not a photographer, Twitter seems like the natural place to express myself.

(It doesn’t help that I find writing long articles laborious and time-consuming.)

So if you want the most timely, concise, and frequent updates from me, please follow me on Twitter and check in frequently.

Of course, we will still be sending out emails with relevant updates, so if you haven’t already, please join our mailing list.

As always, stay safe, practice like there’s no tomorrow, and don’t forget to laugh.


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